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Transparent and Fair. Always. 

Please review our application screening criteria below to understand how we evaluate incoming applications. Once applied, view our application screening process to stay informed on your status. 

  • Can I put a deposit to hold the property?
    We do not allow holding deposits. The best way to help secure the property is to apply as soon as possible. We will then review based off our Applicant Screening Criteria, starting in the order we receive.
  • Is the application process first-come, first-served?
    Take a look at our linked Application Screening Process.
  • Can I wait to sign the lease?
    Upon approval of your application, we provide prompt service by sending out leases and portal access within one business day. We expect approved applicants to fulfill their commitment by promptly paying the required deposit(s) and administrative fee upon signing the lease. It's important to note that during this period, the listing remains syndicated to various marketing sites, indicating its availability until the lease is fully signed. This approach ensures transparency and allows for continued marketing until all necessary paperwork is completed.
  • Do you accept Section 8 Housing?
    We accept Section 8 Housing and Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG). Reach out for specific details regarding another organization.
  • What if my credit score is low?
    At our company, we understand that each application is unique and deserves careful consideration. We evaluate applications on a case-by-case basis while adhering to our established standards as outlined in the Application Screening Criteria. This approach allows us to maintain fairness and consistency while also considering individual circumstances and qualifications.
  • When will I know a decision on my application?
    Applications are processed within 1-3 business days. Upon submitting your application, we provide you with timely updates regarding your position in the review queue. For more details, please review our Application Screening Process at the top of this page.
  • How much is your management fee?
    To enhance your investment and maintain your property's integrity, our fee is 10% of the monthly rent.
  • How often do you inspect the property?
    Our dedicated maintenance team conducts quarterly inspections to ensure your property receives careful attention. This proactive approach ensures optimal condition, providing you with peace of mind and preserving its long-term value.
  • Do you perform any maintenance?
    We have a dedicated maintenance team that provides basic maintenance and diagnostic services, and for complex issues, we have an extensive network of vendors to cater to all needs.
  • What services does your company provide?
    Our company provides an all-inclusive suite of services to meet your property needs. From strategic property marketing and tenant placement to ongoing tenant assistance, maintenance and upkeep scheduling, and regular quarterly inspections, we ensure comprehensive support for all our properties.
  • Do we allow animals in the properties?
    While we ultimately respect owners' decision-making authority, we highly recommend embracing an animal-friendly approach. Experience has shown that even non-animal-friendly properties tend to attract tenants with emotional support animals (ESAs), resulting in potential damages without the protection of an animal deposit. By allowing animals, we increase the likelihood of attracting responsible tenants who are willing to pay an additional deposit. Moreover, it grants us greater control over which animals are permitted within the property, ensuring a more secure and well-managed environment.
  • How do you screen residents?
    Our applicant screening process is designed to carefully evaluate prospective residents for our rental properties. We employ a comprehensive screening procedure that includes thorough background checks, credit assessments, employment verification, rental history analysis, and even references. By assessing these factors, we ensure that we select residents who demonstrate financial stability, a positive rental track record, and a responsible approach to their obligations.
  • How much will my property rent for?
    To determine the rental price for an owner's property, we conduct a thorough market analysis. This involves considering factors such as location, size, amenities, and current market trends. We also review comparable rental properties in the area to gauge appropriate pricing. Our aim is to find a balance between attracting potential residents and maximizing the owner's rental income. Taking the owner's goals into account, we provide expert advice and recommendations to set a competitive and fair rental price.
  • How will you market my property?
    Marketing your property is our top priority, and we take extra care to ensure a quick turnover. Here's how we do it: Updated Pictures and Floor Plans: We take and provide updated, high-quality pictures and detailed floor plans of your unit, showcasing its best features and layout. Video Tours: We create high-quality video tours of your property, allowing potential renters to experience the space virtually, even before they visit in person. Zoom and Self-Guided Tours: We offer flexible viewing options, including live Zoom tours and self-guided tours, giving prospective tenants the convenience to explore the property on their schedule. Social Media: We leverage the power of social media platforms to reach a broader audience quickly, using targeted ads and engaging posts to attract interested renters. MLS: Your property is listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), increasing its visibility to real estate professionals and potential tenants. Website Syndications: We ensure your property is syndicated to top rental sites, maximizing exposure and attracting high-quality tenants. Prospective Tenants List: We maintain and continually update a list of prospective tenants, building connections with those who have move-in dates further out. This way, when a new place becomes available, we have a ready pool of interested renters. By utilizing these latest trends and technologies, we ensure your listing is prioritized and attracts attention quickly, leading to a faster turnover.

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